Rochester Riverfront Park

Pennsylvania, Beaver County, Rochester

river mile 25

25 PA Beaver Rochester riverfront park firefighters memorial 600 8 high.jpg
firefighters memorial

This is why we do the Ohio River Parks Project! To find hidden gems! On this steaming July afternoon the research team drives along crowded highways, through a struggling town: two chain drug stores, a couple of rehab centers, a Family Dollar store. Lots of dilapidated three and four story buildings. Through the roundabout, down a strange concrete bridge road, turn left past the wastewater treatment plant and — here! At the confluence of the Beaver and the Ohio Rivers. A jewel of a park. Long, narrow, wedged next to a train line, many bridges overhead, a cool respite. Quiet. Trees. Shade, a breeze. Picnic tables, grills, benches facing river, parking facing river, portapotty, informational signs: the perfect riverside park.. Two younger women taking their mid-afternoon exercise walk. A rowing club, several small private marinas at the end. Modest but fulfilling.

Cyclists and paddlers could easily pitch a tent on the manicured grass in this secluded location. Walk up a steep concrete street bridge and one will find drugstores for provisions. There is no formal boat launch, but a paddler easily could pull out here or use the ramps of several upstream Beaver River private clubs.

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Field research July 2018