Old Locks and Dam 44 Historic Park and boat ramp

Indiana, Crawford County

river mile 663

River access: yes. Tree cover: some covered. Impervious surface: some. Landscape design strategy: State Park style. Information about the Ohio River: little to none.

Old Locks and Dam 44 Historical Park is a gorgeous location. It would be an excellent stop of destination site. The road to it: Wyandotte Road, County Road 64, old State Route 62 is beautiful! There is no water or toilets but the wide flat lawn and the elegant old trees make it an excellent place for primitive camping. With provisions one could enjoy camping here for several days. The powerhouse for the former lock is abandoned and dilapidated (it is listed in Eerie Indiana) but the local Girl Scout council does an excellent job of keeping the grounds mowed and neat. A few lockkeepers houses on the back of the property at the second bench up from the river are used as private residences.

O’Bannon Woods State Park, just across the Blue River, has no river access or riverside campground. This property, immediately adjacent to it, should be incorporated as part of the park to provide access both to the Ohio and to paddling on the Blue River.

Next park: Leavenworth, unnamed park

Field research September 2015

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