Troy, Public Access Site

Indiana, Perry County, Troy

river mile 731

River access: yes. Tree cover: open. Impervious surface: a lot. Landscape design strategy: organized. Information about the Ohio River: little to none.

So, compare: a broad expanse of lawn, big trees, an enormous picnic shelter with fireplace and chimney, historic location. Versus this: a sliver of green lawn, a large expanse of parking. A few sidewalks. A few trees. Benches facing the river. A boat launch. The former is Lincoln Ferry Park, half a mile down the road; the latter is this site, Troy Public Access Site. Yes, it is not stunningly beautiful: it’s a boat launch. But that’s what we, as paddlers, want: someplace we can launch our boats. And it’s in a town, so we as bicyclists we might be able to find a bathroom and someplace to eat, or at least to pick up provisions. Conclusion: use both — the public access site for access, the park site for beauty.

Next park: Lincoln Ferry Park

Field research September 2015