Rauchfass Hill State Recreation Area

Illinois, Pope County, Golconda

river mile 901.5

901 5 IL Pope Golconda Rauchfass Hill SRA road 600 8 high

It was hard to find the entrance from SR 146. There was a sign going upriver. Passed it. Turned into the next road. Looked unpromising. Turned back. Passed the sign going in the downriver direction. Something has to be here someplace! Turned around again, going upriver. Saw a little narrow gravel track — someone’s rural driveway, but, no, it goes beyond the back of the houses. Driving slowly along, a gate up ahead with “No Trespassing” signs. But, to the right, the track continues, up a hill, though the forest, some placard about littering that makes us think it is public property. Up through unending woods. Finally, to the left, a dark little grassy parking lot, with the classic Forest Service noticeboard.

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Field research June 2018