Aurora Lesko Park

Indiana, Dearborn County, Aurora

river mile 497

151 OH Washington Leith Run Recreation area 270 x 180 8 high
River access: yes. Tree cover: covered. Impervious surface: none. Landscape design strategy: organized. Information about the Ohio River: little to none.

Lesko Park must be the pride of Aurora. It has lots of amenities: a water fountain, flush toilets in a building, a playground, picnic shelters and picnic tables. There’s even an Ohio River beach down the slope of what might be a boat launch if one were intrepid. The most marvelous part, however, is the memorials. There are memorials to veterans of various wars. More unusually, there are plaques on the street lights, remembering those who have supported the park, and those who are remembered by park supporters. It’s an excellent demonstration of civic pride. This would be a nice place to hang out on a warm summer day. Kayaks could pull up onto the narrow beach, but the park is a long, thin strip on the low bluff, so space to camp might be at a premium. But it is right next to the bike trail!

Next park: casino, Rising Sun

Field research September 2015

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