Schooner Point

Indiana, Crawford County

river mile 670

River access: yes. Tree cover: no information. Impervious surface: no information. Landscape design strategy: no information. Information about the Ohio River: not known.

It was late in the day. The research team was hot and tired. The road took off at a vertiginous point on the bluff, hundreds of feet above the river. It didn’t look like so great a road: narrow, paved sometime in the past. No guardrails — the only thing keeping us from toppling off the edge whatever trees lined it. So we left it out. Looks like lots of other people have as well: Schooner Point, Indiana, leaves few traces in Youtube or at Google or Flickr or Instagram. Will someone please go out there and report?!? Keep on going down the Alton Fredonia Road and don’t turn right on South Cape Sandy Road.

IN Crawford unnamed point lookout view 600 8 high
near Schooner Point

Next park: Alton Community Park

Field research September 2015

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