Forked Run Ohio River access

Ohio, Meigs County, Long Bottom

river mile 208

208 OH Meigs Long Bottom Forked Run Ohio River Access pier 600 8 high

This boat launch is close to Forked Run State Park, just across the road and a bit down from it. Like most of the Ohio River Access points along this stretch of the river, it is nicely engineered, with broad parking lots for cars and for trucks with boat trailers. However, the State Park is up on top of the hill, with its own lake. The boating focus is up there, not down here on the Ohio. Hence the boat access is quite undeveloped. When the research team was there the narrow road to the boat launch was choked with mud — even an intrepid visitor turned around and went back up to the parking lot. And there are no amenities. It’s kind of sad that such a well-designed place to access the river offers so little.


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Field research October 2018