Merrill Lockhouse 6

Pennsylvania, Beaver County

river mile 30

River access: yes. Tree cover: none. Impervious surface: all. Landscape design strategy: organized. Information about the Ohio River: little to none.

Talk about on the water!!! This is RIGHT on the water — the brick lockhouse has an attached parking lot that juts right out into the river, practically at river height. The lockhouse was completed in 1904, and was an important project, given the appearance of several copies of its opening program available through sellers of rare books. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as of September 4, 1980, with reference number: 80003410. Unfortunately the text and photos accompanying the registration are not yet digitized, so the information in them is not available.

The lockhouse has an active Facebook page with useful photographs. It would be a wonderful place for a restaurant or a café. It’s probably too far from Pittsburgh, and too surrounded by low wealth neighborhoods, to be a conventional restaurant. Far better that it be a destination point for a sunny spring day or a breezy summer night. Some of the property could be used as a B&B for bicycle and paddle campers. You could use it as is, but it would be camping on a parking lot with no amenities. This charming place needs some help!


Field research: July 2016