Frontier Boat Launch

Ohio, Washington County

river mile 150

River access: yes. Tree cover: open. Impervious surface: all. Landscape design strategy: manicured. Information about the Ohio River: A LOT!

Wow! This is “only” a boat launch, but, not only what a boat launch, but what a source of information about the Ohio River! Frontier Boat Launch: it’s one of the best, anyplace. The boat launch is just that, a boat launch — paved and striped parking lot, lots of concrete, vault toilet, drinking fountain, shade provided by only a few trees — but it’s an excellent boat launch, spacious with room for lots of trucks and trailers — and handicap accessible. Bike and kayak campers can go next door to the Leith Run Recreation Area. In addition — the information! Posters and posters and posters, with all sorts of detailed information about the Ohio. Take a look at the photos and see! It’s clear that the person who suggested this had a brilliant idea, and worked very skillfully with lots of local partners, and with some national ones as well, to create a wonderful space. Many thanks to everyone involved!


Field research: August 2014