New Amsterdam, potential park

Indiana, Harrison County, New Amsterdam

river mile 656

River access: no. Tree cover: covered. Impervious surface: none. Landscape design strategy: none. Information about the Ohio River: little to none.

Just for the record, “Amsterdam” is the name of the hymn tune whose words start “Rise, my soul and stretch thy wings,” number 84 top in the 1991 Edition of The Sacred Harp. Hopefully it is sung at one or the other of the two well-kept churches in this minuscule town. Click the “Indiana History” link for a bit more.

New Amsterdam would be an excellent location for a bicycling and paddling campground. There already are three or four private riverside parks with boat launches used by families for their own riverfront access. The infrastructure is readily available: two churches, a meeting hall, and several dilapidated but structurally sound buildings constitute the center of a pleasant little town. They could readily be transformed into a weekend restaurant, coffee shop and outfitter, thus enhancing the local economy. Harrison County is not the richest, so this kind of opportunity could be valuable to it. Get on it, Harrison County Economic Development Corporation!

It also would be a fascinating hub on a superb bike trail. The ride? Gorgeous! A narrow, well-paved road, with very little traffic. Often under a canopy of trees. Through a peach orchard, next to tight cliffs, by a working quarry, into the tiny town. The climb back up to SR 135 is rolling, gentle hills.

New Amsterdam Indiana from Google Earth.pdf
New Amsterdam, Indiana from Google Earth

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Field research September 2015