Shade River scenic view

Ohio, Meigs County, Shade River

river mile 210

210 OH Meigs Shade River scenic view scenic view 600 8 high
scenic view

It’s great to have a scenic view! This one looks out over a wide stretch of the Ohio River, along a long bend, a couple of miles in each direction. It’s a nice place for a momentary stop, or, on a bicycle, for a substantial stop after climbing up a long hill. It’s a scenic view, and that’s what a person can do there: stop, look. It’s a narrow strip of paved parking facing the river, with an attractive parapet. The view would be better if the bushes under the parapet were trimmed so the view was unobstructed. No amenities, and paddlers would have to be extremely ambitious to want to trek up here.


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Field research October 2018