Eagles’ Bluff Welcome Center and Overlook

Indiana, Perry County

river mile 722

River access: yes. Tree cover: covered. Impervious surface: some. Landscape design strategy: State Park style. Information about the Ohio River: some.

The Eagle’s Bluff Park and Overlook is an impressive place. As the Perry County website says: “Originally known as “The Overlook,” this facility was created during the construction of the Cannelton Locks and Dam as a means of observing the construction process.  The road through the park also served as the detour for State Road 66 during the construction of the Dam.” Hopefully the Olmsted Locks and Dam park will turn out similarly.

The view is terrific. There’s lots of information: about eagles, about the date and the construction of the locks and dam, and about the cannel coal (alternative candle coal) that gives Cannelton its distinctive name. Open during park hours is a building the research team though the remnant of some earlier project, but found to contain flush toilets, a drinking fountain, and, on this hot September afternoon, much welcomed air conditioning. The park has an intelligent security strategy: the hours it is open are posted, and there is a gate. Thank you to Perry County Parks and Rec!

For bicycle or paddling travellers it would be a steep ride: or, better, walk uphill to the top of the high bluff. Kayaks would have to be left down below. But it is a large park, with an excellent landscape canopy, a mix of forest and mowed area.

Next park: Mayor Hargis Park and Cannelton Riverwalk

Field research September 2015

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