Joppa boat ramp

Illinois, Massac County, Joppa

river mile 952

952 IL Massac Joppa boat ramp river wrack 600 8 high
river wrack twirling in the current

North Avenue, in Joppa, a spur of the Ohio River Scenic Byway, goes across the edge of town and through the low levee. Concrete roadway, boat launch. Two crosses mark two recent deaths. The river is high, an opaque orange-brown with recent thunderstorms. River wrack floats by quickly, pirouetting in the current. Then a tow, also quickly. The Joppa power plant is downstream in the distance.

There is enough room for bicyclists or paddlers to set up a pup tent, but there are no amenities at all. The nearest are in Metropolis, Illinois, 12 miles away.

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Field research June 2018