Howard Steamboat Museum

Indiana, Clark County, Jeffersonville

river mile 602

Unlike today’s entrepreneurs, those of the 18thand 19thcentury liked to live next to the projects they were responsible for. Hence, James Howard’s Richardsonian Romanesque mansion is located a couple of miles upstream from downtown Jeffersonville, looking directly on the shipyard. It still is a shipyard, too, now for barges. They provide a fascinating video about shipbuilding. The shipyard has grown and expanded, so there is no view of the river as a consequence, but it is a unique view of the close relationship between entrepreneurship and industry. The research team, striving to document the parks before the mid-October rain that would blow all the leaves off the trees, had to visit on a Monday, the one day of the week the Howard Steamboat Museum is closed. So though we would like to have a review of the site we have none. What we do know is that, unlike so many others, this museum is accessible because it is open lots of hours. Maybe we will visit this weekend.


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