Newport Trojans Ballfields

Ohio, Washington County, Newport

river mile 156

River access: no. Tree cover: open. Impervious surface: some. Landscape design strategy: organized. Information about the Ohio River: none.

This ballfield for the local team is nicely located on the bank of the Ohio, behind the fire station and community center. There are two ballfields, a concession stand, and a batting cage, all nicely kept up. Unfortunately, like many ballfields, it takes no advantage of its riverside location at all! The ballfields are separated from the river by a chain link fence and brush. Although it’s a pleasant place, kayak and bike campers would have difficulty stopping, as there are none of the needed amenities.

The high point is town is not here, but the riverside hamburger stand. The Jug is the place to be! It’s private, so it is outside of our research criteria, but it has a great riverfront location, a small dock, and an historical marker about the person who founded the Delta Queen steamboat company.

1 June 2017