Arrest for illegal sales of paddlefish caviar

The fisheries and fishery industries of the United States throug
Paddlefish: polygon spatula. From Goode 1884 The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States

Just last month — November 2018 — a man from English, Indiana, was sentenced in Federal district court in Indianapolis to two years in prison for wildlife trafficking. His offense is illegal commercial fishing of paddlefish, which are desirable American substitutes for European caviar.

History of the highway

2018 8 Old SR 7 600 8 high
Old SR 7

SR 7 runs across the middle of the bluff; Old SR 7 is near the bottom. It provides a good study — what happens to a road when it’s not maintained? Potholes fixed, yes, but the edge gradually wears away, invaded by grass. The levelness disappears, as the rock underneath moves away, sliding downhill by gravity. Eventually it becomes as exciting as a roller coaster to drive on (this photo is the good part). And a good deal more scary.

Field research

2018 7 Preparing for field research 600 8 high
Maps to make maps

Preparing to do field research. Investigating the DeLorme maps. Looking at satellite views of online maps to find where the parks might be; making hand-drawn maps of where they might specifically be located; writing down a destination address to guide us, via a mapping device on our smartphone, to where the potential park might actually be. Here: parks in the Pittsburgh area. Rochester: found! Leetsdale: found! Sewickley: ran out of time.