Monroe County Park and Marina

Ohio, Monroe County


Monroe County Park and MarinaFormerly the USArmy Corps of Engineers Lock and Dam Wilderness Area #15, this is an excellent example of transforming unused Federal property into a community park! It has everything desirable in a riverside park: lots of river access via a boat launch, a dock, and lots of places to fish. People can sit on a bench on the low bluff above the dock, or grill and eat in the picnic shelter. There’s a basketball hoop and a piece of old-style playground equipment for kids: a merry-go-round.

Even better, flush toilets! Like many community parks the built ecosystem is not superb: it’s pretty much a paved parking lot and a mowed lawn. (Thanks to the neighboring golf course for keeping it so well mowed!) Not much information about the river, either.

Unused stairs
Unused stairs

Worst: no one seems to use it.

Come on, people, this is a great local park!

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