River Museum, Wellsville, Ohio

the museum

Take a look at the River Museum, in Wellsville, Ohio. The page just been posted. It was kind of a strange place when the research team visited it last summer. It looks like it ought to have some interesting content — and we credited it with “Information about the Ohio River: some.” That’s only a hypothesis. We didn’t actually go into it, because it was closed. Its hours are really narrow! But the Facebook page of the Wellsville Historical Society gives some information about what it does. The building is pretty, and it has an excellent shady location on the river.

The Op-Ed Project

OH Monroe Fly Sistersville Ferry waiting for the ferry
doors are opening

The research team just spent an exhilarating and strenuous two days with the The Op-Ed project. The Op-Ed project teaches women and underrepresented minorities how to get their voices into the mix of public comment by teaching us how to write op-eds. It’s not the writing that’s hard — it’s the strength to do it! We learned to think of ourselves as experts. We¬†are the experts on parks along the Ohio River because, over the past two years, we have visited and analyzed more than one hundred of those parks, and because we have been invited to be on the Steering Committee of ORBA, the Ohio River Basin Association. We learned to generate op-ed pieces based on upcoming events, not just to respond to events that already have happened. And we learned that we have a national voice, not just a local one. We learned a lot, and you should expect to see Op-Eds about the Ohio River Parks Project in local newspapers in the coming year. If you are interested in making your voice resound more broadly, check out the Op-Ed Project’s public seminars — or organize one for your own group.